Monday, December 2, 2013

The First Sunday of Advent 2013

This Podcast is of the Morning Service held on December 1 2013.
Here is the Podcast Link
It was a good day at the Cathedral. The day began with our regular and traditional service from the Book of Common Prayer. At the 10:30 service we held a Eucharist. For the first time in a while we did not have a Baptism on the first Sunday of the Month!
The service podcast posted here has the highlights of our worship, including Mr. Edgar Courtney's Children's talk about Operation Christmas Child.
Please Note: Our Podcasts are edited for time and quality.
When we edit the podcast we may have to remove readings /music etc due to background noise and such. Oftimes someone is standing in front of a mike while a hymn is being sung... that can be loud, off key, or downright hilarious!

Here are the Sermon Notes

  • I put the Wrong Month on the Bulletin.
    Some of you would believe me if I told you I did that on Purpose.
    Most of you know me better than that.

The point is, Now that I have mentioned my mistake, I wonder if that is the only thing that will be remembered about the meditation today. 

The Points of Advent:
Advent means to wait.
Other helpful images might be:
  • To catch your breath
  • To stop and Think
  • Not to rush choices
  • To focus on what matters.

Book reference:
Father Richard Rhor, a Franciscan  priest wrote a book called Falling Upwards.
I recommend it to you.
Rohr just says something we all know instinctively.
There are really two stages in life, and to put is simply we move from desiring what we think is Knowing what is really Important.

Advent reminds us that with God’s warning that we are wasting time if we are not focussed or searching for what really matters and that , there is Love, healing, Joy, Hope and peace waiting for us. We won't find it at WALMART!

We are reminded that Jesus, by becoming the propitiation for our Sins, sends a clear message .....
He refused all religious codes ,traditions, judgements and values. There is a lesson in that for us!

Jesus Refused to divide the world into the pure and the impure, much to the chagrin of almost everybody — then and now.

I remind you The only time Jesus casts judgement in the Bible is in Matthew 7 and Matthew  25 Vs. 7 Judging others causes your own judgement.  ch.25  Not living the life of compassion and selflessness seperates you from God!


Most Christians today still refuse to see that Jesus was NOT upset with the sinful person.
"Jesus is shockingly not upset with sinners, a shock so total that most Christians to this day refuse to accept it.
 He is only upset with people who do not think they are sinners:

The denial of who we are before God totally blocks the avenues of Grace .

Let us ask God as we travel through Advent to help us. So that we will have hope for the time of our lives that is yet to Come.
Please make an effort to search for Contact points with God During this Advent Season.
We will do all we can at this Church to help that Happen!


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