Monday, March 24, 2014

The Third Sunday in Lent 2014

The Third Sunday in Lent 2014
(You can listen to the full service live. Please get in touch with us for more information about telephone connections)

Recently at St. Martins we have begun to" integrate" the Morning Prayer service of the third Sunday in each month with the use of:
  • Alternating the morning prayer as found in our Book of Common Prayer and the Book of Alternative services.
  • Each week we invite young people to share in leading ,the responses, and in singing. This past Sunday one of our Confirmation students provided the message.
  • The Cathedral Choir does not sit for this service, but choir members join the congregation and help in the singing.
  • The service contains new music being taught and shared with the help of our Music director, Ms. Leslie Hewlett.

The Podcast for this mornings service was centered around the theme of "Loving and Gentle Service"
It is available here:

The evening service was a celebration of Holy Eucharist.
The Homily  (The Revd. Brian Candow) is  available Here

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