Friday, March 1, 2013

15th Day of Lent

 Today is Friday, March 3,The 15th Day of Lent.
Looking back..a special podcast today. Well worth a listen!
See the notes and the link to the podcast below!

Thank God for the different fellowships that are taking place in the parish. Wednesday services were  fairly well attended;our Bible studies continue.
  • Tonight at the Cathedral there is an eccumenical service for the World Day of Prayer. It begins at 7:30
  • This Sunday morning there is baptism,and
  • In the evening a healing service and Eucharist.
  • On Wednesday night our Ladies will conduct the Lenten service,Mrs. Karen Torraville will be speaking.
  • Next Friday night we will be conducting an overnight retreat for the Confirmation class.
  • Saturday Morning a Confirmation Prayer breakfast with our Bishop

Lent  often highlights how much times have changed. Many of our discussions are about "how it used to be" turn nostalgic and wistful.  

We do live in a great world though,and should be thankful to God for His Grace in our time!  There is so much to offer true thanks for in our lives,friendships families and provisions.

As gardener I have made contact with some wonderful people all around North America. One of the people I have "met" is through his gardening program at
This young man whose name is Damon shares his love of life,some of his values,and his gardening tecniques. He has uploaded a special podcast that is well worth a listen. It is an interview with his Mom, Mary Toney about life way back when on a Southern Cotton farm .
She speaks of life, family,vaues and spirituality in the days of the depression .  Her memories are of simple times of life in Alabama when people raised their own food and livestock,and depended on each other.
Her words and sharing are very inspiring,and I commend it to you.
It will bring back good memories for many of us,and great teaching for the young folks!

The first part of the podcast begins with Damon's regular introductions and focus. At 6:30 minutes the interview begins

May the Grace of Our Lord be with you,and all whom you love.

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