Saturday, March 30, 2013

Good Friday 2013

Good Friday 2013
 Good Friday's dawn revealed stormy weather. Not surprising for this time of year, but disappointing nonetheless, for this day has been anticipated, and the benefits longed for.
Good Friday is  a focal point of all or Lenten worship and personal devotion. It helps us look back over our own Lenten commitments and challenges, reconnect with our Heritage and traditions, and causes much reflection on Jesus our Lord.
 The weather forced cancellation of our service at Holy Cross Chapel in Benton. Our Saturday Easter Eucharist will go ahead there, as well as an Easter Vigil in the Chapel at St. Martin's.
At the Cathedral, we held a three hour service comprised of three parts.
1. A Children's Liturgy with our Youth and Jr. Choirs
2. The Stations of the Cross. This service has great participation by our Choir, and parishioners.
3. The Good Friday Liturgy from our Prayer Book.

The weather was very bad in Gander, which kept many people away. There was an average attendance of 60 persons at each service; as usual people would come and go throughout the progress of each liturgy.

The Address for Good Friday                                      The Revd. John Watton

  • The Cross has no meaning for you unless you draw your own Conclusions, and make your own Choices
  • The Cross is Who we are...It has to be understood and Explained Clearly. There is no Christianity without the Cross
  • Who Did Jesus Say he was?
  • Who Did the Early Church Say He Was? (Christology)
  •  Who do You Say He IS?
  • What will you do with Jesus?

Below are the links for three podcasts from Good Friday.
The whole of hour two and three are here, as well as the Address by itself.
May Easter morn find you blessed and healed!

The Stations of the Cross
Good Friday Address
The Second Hour

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  1. One of your best messages! To say it was a joy to hear it sends the wrong message,lets just say it was the correct message for the proper day! Thank you so much for these podcasts, they mean so much when a person cannot be present in the cathedral for the actual sharing. May God Bless you all!