Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday March 18 Just after Passion Sunday

Yesterday was the Fifth Sunday in Lent.
Known as Passion Sunday

  • As always, the Sunday schedule at the Cathedral was diverse and full.
  • We begin every Sunday with the celebration of a traditional Eucharist from the book of Common Prayer.
  • The 10:30 service and our 7:00 evening services focused on family and on a sharing of the gifts of our young people.
  • Yesterday afternoon at 2:00 there was a celebration of Holy Communion at Golden Legion Manor.
The Morning Service:

Our Jr. and Youth Choirs shared their talents once again.
These choirs are under the direction of Mr. Shawn Wiseman,who lovingly and patiently works with the diversity of ages in the choirs to develop both their talents and spirituality.
They are fantastic singers!

Yesterday morning at the family service we were reminded that

Although Lent was almost over, we still have time to change!

The address was focused on being honest with ourselves, each other and with God.

To do so is to allow God's Spirit to work with us for our benefit. When we grow,God's purpose for us is realized.

The talk was occasioned by Revd. John telling a story of how he put a hole in the wall of the house he grew up in while his father was at work.

Trying to conceal the damage only worked for a while...and it wasn't until all was revealed that the situation could be resolved!

Let's be honest with ourselves

                      Let's be honest with Others

                                            Let's be honest with God

At the family service our young people do all of the readings and prayers,and opportunity is given for the beginnings of all kinds of ministry of the word.
 It is not unusual for people to applaud after a child proclaims the Word publicly for the first time.

Following the offertory,our Vestry was joined by other supporting leaders in the Chancel,to offer themselves for another year of devoted ministry. We thank God for each of them!

The Evening Service
Gander was in the midst of the Kiwanis Festival last week.
It was as always, a time of incredible hard work by the Kiwanis volunteers;but it accomplishes much on many different levels.
Some of the Churches in Gander offer their buildings as venues for the many acts,songs,speeches and technical tests. It brings people together ,it challenges us to excellence,and causes us to celebrate the creative spirit that God has planted within us.

Last evening we held our annual Post Kiwanis Event,where young people can come and share their talents with the Church. We were blessed greatly last evening!

St. Martin's has been blessed in the way people have responded to our mission statement :

To be a family of worshipping Christians; where the faith is taught –where people of all ages can grow in love and commitment to Christ in an atmosphere of caring, sharing, loving and respect for all persons; - where opportunity is provided for witness and service in the wider community.
Providing opportunities for ministry is a great challenge today. The creation of ministry opportunities in itself requires much time and energy; then,people have to be trained,supported and encouraged by the results of their efforts.
All this in the middle of very full schedules!
When people come forward,and we see their gifts in action...some great things happen!

At. St. Martin's we are very observant and respectful of artistic rights and the need for licensing!
Pictures and audio of the service cannot be published online due to copyright law, but what we have will be shared with the families on request.We do not post pictures without permission from individuals!

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