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Palm Sunday April 25 2013

The Podcast is available Here
Welcome to Holy Week!
Yesterday was Palm Sunday.
Late Friday afternoon  Revd. John went to the Church to begin preparing the Palm Branches and Crosses for Sunday.  We usually do this on Friday, because in a way on Saturdays St. Martins  becomes "St. Maurice", as our Coptic friends hold worship in our Lady Chapel, and fellowship in our  facility.
It was a bit a change because for the past years, Revd. John has been joined by Karen in decorating the Church. This year, she was working.
Derek Dyke and Tracy Flynn helped cut the palms, and clean up the bits of Palm that were lying everywhere after the trimming. Good to have them!
Here is the Palm cross in the back of the Cathedral:

Revd. John continued later that evening ; returning late on Saturday to smell the remains of the Coptic Incense, and ensure that the Church was ready for our Commemoration of the Triumphal Entry.

  • The 8:30  Book of Common Prayer Service was well attended.
  • Our 10:30  Service was held by a very large congregation. At St. Martin's we focus Palm Sunday morning on a Children's oriented liturgy. Lots of music, simple prayers, readings and youth involvement. The service was a total blessing to us!Usually at our youth services we incorporate new ministries that young people have engaged, and announce that this is their first time serving reading etc.....
This Sunday was no exception, as we Welcomed Bradley Hunt to his ministry of leading the Prayers of the People.
  • Our 7:00 service was the traditional Book Of Alternative Services Liturgy of the Palms with Holy Communion.
Although not as well attended as the Morning Service, the evening Eucharist was a beautiful gathering.
The podcast for today includes the Palm Blessing, Passion Narrative, the prayers, and the sermon which was given by the Revd. George Spencer.

(please note Revd. George was not speaking directly into his mike, so the sound level of the address is a bit low.)

The Podcast is available Here
Here is the Schedule for Holy Week in 2013

Monday – Ecumenical Service Roman Catholic Church 7:00
Tuesday – Holy Week Service – 7:00pm
Wednesday – Holy Week Service – 7:00pm
Maundy Thursday – Holy Eucharist and Stripping of the Altar – 7pm

Good Friday
1st hour – Children’s Good Friday Service
2nd Hour – Stations of the Cross
3rd Hour – Celebration of the Lord’s Passion

Holy Saturday Prayer Vigil – 7pm – 10pm
Easter Day
8:30 Holy Eucharist
10:30 a.m Holy Eucharist.
Please Note there will NOT be a 7:30 Eucharist this Wednesday Morning.
There will NOT be an Evening Service on Easter Day (Next Sunday)

Services In Benton
3:30 p.m.
Good Friday Liturgy with Revd. John
7:00 Holy Saturday Holy Communion
Blessings !

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