Monday, March 11, 2013

The 23rd Day of Lent 2013

Today is Monday March 11. It is the 23rd Day of Lent

The worship for the 4th Sunday in Lent really began at the Cathedral on Friday afternoon.
That's because at 6:00 on Friday we gathered to start a Confirmation retreat. we have 19 candidates for Confirmation this year. We gathered for an evening meal with the Candidates,retreat leaders,Confirmation Buddies,and Parents. Following an evening session of music,prayer and a few laughs,the Candidates enjoyed several hours of activity interspersed with Spiritual Direction.

Yesterday worship began at 8:30 a.m with our traditional Eucharist, followed by a 10:30 morning Eucharist. 
The Time Change effect certainly was visible!...Especially for those of us who were still trying to make up for lost sleep after the retreat. 
Revd. Brian,our parish associate preached a fine sermon on the Prodigal Son.
Unfortunately we did not get the service recorded, so there is no podcast for this week.
Anyone wanting a sermon outline, please send us a comment and we will respond to you.
There was a 4:00 Eucharist at Lakeside home.
Lately fewer of the Home residents are getting out for service,as more and more,our elders are slowing down. Our prayers for them,and our ministry to them continues.

Our ministry to seniors in this parish seems to be evolving quickly these days!

 Also at 7:00,we conducted a service of Prayer and Praise at Holy Cross chapel in Benton. It was a great evening that was attended by members of St. Martin's Cathedral Choir and some of the parish musicians.

Lent starts today for our Coptic friends at St. Maurice Church. This group of Egyptian Christians worship regularly at St. Martin's. They use our building and resources as their spiritual home. They have been with us for years,and certainly add a beautiful dimension to the fabric of our parish.

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